1 noun
1 (C) a written or spoken description of a situation or event, giving people the information they need: the chairman's report
(+ on/of): police reports of the accident
2 (C) a piece of writing in a newspaper about something that is happening, or part of a television or radio news programme: We're getting reports from the scene of the fighting. | a weather report
3 (C) an official piece of writing that carefully considers a particular subject, and is often written by a group of people
(+ on/of): a recent report on child abuse
4 (C, U) things people say that may or may not be true; rumour: According to reports he's not coming back.
5 BrE (C) a written statement by teachers about a child's work at school, sent to their parents; report card AmE: Dad promised me a new bike if I got a good report.
6 (C) formal the noise of an explosion or shot: a loud report
2 verb
1 NEWS (I, T) to give people information about recent events, especially in newspapers and on television and radio: This is Gavin Williams, reporting from the United Nations in New York. | report sth: We aim to report the news as fairly as possible.
(+ on): The Post sent her to Bangladesh to report on the floods. | report that: The newspapers reported that he had died in a car accident. | report doing sth: They reported having seen the remains of the body. | be reported to be: He is reported to have been driving whilst drunk.
2 JOB/WORK (I, T) to tell someone about what has been happening, or what you are doing as part of your job: report (to sb) on: Come back next week to report on your progress. | Anything to report, Sergeant?
3 PUBLIC STATEMENT (T) to officially give information to the public: Scientists are due to report the first step towards the development of an AIDS vaccine.
4 CRIME/ACCIDENT (T) to tell the police or someone in authority that an accident or crime has happened: I'd like to report a theft. | report sth to sb: All accidents must be reported to the safety officer. | report sb/sth missing: The plane was reported missing in heavy fog.
5 COMPLAIN (T) to complain about someone to people in authority: Robert reported Guy for smoking in school. | report sb to sb: Kevin was eventually reported to the police.
6 ARRIVAL (I) to go somewhere and officially state that you have arrived
(+ to): All visitors must report to the site office.
7 report sick to officially tell your employers that you cannot come to work because you are ill
report back phrasal verb (I, T) to bring or send back an account of something (+ to): Find out and report back to me quickly. | report back that: The soldiers reported back that enemy forces were moving towards the border. report to sb phrasal verb (T) to be responsible to someone at work and be managed by them: The accountants report to the Deputy Financial Director.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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